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“What a difference good art makes!” exclaimed homeowner Kristy Blair as she watched Cordell Taylor hang several paintings on the walls in her Federal Heights home.

Kristy Blair is not only a homeowner, but a real estate agent for Summit Sotheby’s International Real Estate. Sotheby’s recently joined the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll as a presenting sponsor with the idea of hosting art exhibits at their model homes. It’s a brilliant idea, really. If the home is for sale, why not hang artwork for sale? It classes up the house and encourages owning original artwork rather than the decorative art you buy at the mall. And by hosting an opening on Gallery Stroll night, interested home buyers and interested art buyers can intermingle with real estate agents and artists in Gallery Stroll’s signature “no-pressure” environment.

“I have enjoyed the Gallery Stroll for many years on a personal level; it is a unique way to discover and experience art in Salt Lake City,” said Kristy Blair. “I contacted the Gallery Stroll with a proposal after one of our agents attended a stroll and realized the connection between homes and art, and we are pleased to showcase some of our distinctive properties and support local artists in our community.”

On the night of September Gallery Stroll, Kristy Blair and her husband opened their doors to the public, welcoming her neighborhood as well as regular gallery strollers. Cordell Taylor and Lenka Konopasek were their invited artists. The home was large enough to accommodate about a dozen 2D pieces and a few of Cordell’s sculptures were highlighted on the porch and the lawn in the back.

“Sotheby’s clients as well as ‘strollers’ were very energetic about our kickoff event,” noted Blair. “We had approximately 125 people who were excited to preview some fine artwork and property. It was a family event and was received enthusiastically by all age groups.”

Annie Harrell, a regular on the Gallery Stroll, liked the novelty of viewing artwork in a home. “I like looking at both art and architecture, so this presented the perfect opportunity for both – and being in a house felt more intimate than being in a gallery.”

If you’re looking to have your artwork shown to a diverse audience, even just for one night, showing in a home for sale might be a good alternative to traditional gallery exhibits. Summit Sotheby’s is dedicated to the art community here in Utah and they work hard to bring in an audience that values quality, but may not be as familiar with the artists around town. Who knows, maybe seeing your artwork on the wall of the home they want to buy might be the motivation they need to begin collecting your work.

Summit Sotheby’s International Realty looks forward to supporting future Gallery Stroll events. The next premier home will be open to the Gallery Stroll public on October 17th from 6-9 pm at 1409 Federal Way in Salt Lake City.

If you are interested in showing your artwork at a Sotheby’s home, you can contact Kristy Blair at

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