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Stacked Scriptures, Ogden River Art, and Trouble at the Fork: Mixed Media This Week

5/4 BYU exhibit skirts controversy. Artist sculpts sacred Mormon scriptures and other LDS-themed books into a thought-provoking work.

5/4 Ogden spends big to get a ‘significant’ public artwork
Ogdenites soon will be able to watch as the city’s most expensive piece of public art is created to celebrate the Ogden River and its ecosystem.

5/9 Garfo, the Salt Lake gallery that has become integral to Utah’s contemporary art scene, is likely to close its doors in early June.

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  1. It’s probably too obvious a connection, but I can’t help wondering what $300,000 would do for the education of young citizens who happen to be artistically active at the age when they interact with Garfo. I’m not unhappy that residents of Ogden and beyond will have a nice place to meet and sit and contemplate the river, but it, alongside the umpteenth pile of books in a gallery, both hijack the tiny funding available for genuine art. I can still remember my adolescence well enough to know I’d rather kids be exposed to Cara Despain and her instinct that art be plangent and full of feeling rather than something they will have described to them but cannot be experienced by real people in real time (see, it’s not happening now, but once a year that wind-chime-looking thing casts a shadow over there on the snow-flaky thing . . . and it makes a nice place to sit and contemplate nature without getting any on you . . . The public-relations artwork, the resume-building enigma, and yes, the giant rumor out on the edge of the desert . . . none of these is as satisfying as an encounter through inspired craftsmanship with the mind of someone whose is still pliant and wonder-full. The loss of Garfo is likely to make a certain part of art activity just a search for sensation and decor.

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