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Spike 150 Bridge Project Call for Entries

Call Summary – Interpretative Art

The South Salt Lake Arts Council is seeking a qualified artistic team to produce a commemorative art and interpretation piece for the Spike 150 celebration of the 150th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad with the “Golden Spike” at Promontory, Utah. The selected design shall reflect the history of railroad development in Utah and industry in South Salt Lake. The artwork will be located along the historic Denver & Rio Grande railroad line near Roper Railyard. The work will be located close to the city’s Creative Industries Zone, an area that is converting from former industries of the 20th Century to creative businesses of the 21st century. SSL Arts Council, Utah Spike 150, the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts and Beehive Distilling are project sponsors and partners. The Spike 150 artwork will be highlighted at the “Bike the Spike” tour of art, culture and history on the S-Line streetcar on May 10 and at South Salt Lake’s 2019 Mural Fest on May 11. The artwork must be completed by May 10, 2109. Artist may apply by submitting a Proposal to provide the services requested. The selected artist will create artwork based on their proposal that reflects Spike 150 themes and contributes to the beautification and economic vitality of South Salt Lake. Proposals will be solicited from various artists to conduct a fair and extensive evaluation and select the artist that can best achieve the goals and objectives of the project.

Project Description The project will be installed along the Parley’s Trail in the vicinity of Roper Rail Yard and adjacent to a light rail line. The trail is managed by Salt Lake County, the light rail line is operated by Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and the bridge is above Union Pacific (UP) property. The project partners and property owners will have a role in selecting the artist and ensuring the artwork complements the site and shared vision for Spike 150. Access to the project site is along a public trail. The installation work and final product should not block or impede the public way or impede UTA or UP train operations The property owners have established project parameters and legal and safety requirements. The selected artist/team is required to follow these mandatory rules in the “Project Requirements.” The South Salt Lake Arts Council will award a stipend of up to $7,000 to the artist /team for this commission. The proposal shall include the design and exact size and location of the artand interpretive works. The artist/team and Spike 150 shall be recognized on a plaque or integrated into the work. This site-specific work shall: • Highlight Spike 150 themes and stories, including industry, migration and technology • Reflect the diversity and character of South Salt Lake and its Creative Industries Zone • Add to the vibrancy and sense of place to the neighborhood • Not be deemed as an advertisement • Not be vulgar or obscene as determined by the South Salt Lake Arts Board For further research, visit,, and Artist Eligibility This call is open to all teams of artists and interpretive specialists, both professional or student. Teams with a diversity of expertise and similar collaborations are strongly suggested. Artists/ teams must be legally able to be hired for paid work in the US. At least one member of the artistic team is required to be on site presenting their work during the Bike the Spike tour on May 10, 2019 from 6-8 pm. Artists shall collaborate with the Arts Council to invite their community/supporters to these events. Artist must sign an agreement to comply with the mandatory “Project Requirements,” which outline regulations and expectations for manner of work by Salt Lake County, UTA and UP. Artists are strongly recommended to visit the work site prior to proposing to fully understand the site, its unique assets and its constraints.

Eligible Costs Award stipend of up to $7,000 shall be used only for costs related to the project, including: • Artist’s fees and related expense for design, fabrication and installation • Supplies, tools, and safety equipment • Transportation, travel and/or lodging • Equipment rental or purchase • Worker’s Compensation insurance if required, may reimbursed by the city in addition Selection Process Applications will be juried by a committee led by the South Salt Lake Arts Council Board and including members from the Spike 150 partners. The Arts Council Board reserves the right to deny any proposal. Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria: • Expression of Spike 150 themes and local history • Quality of thoroughness of interpretation and storytelling • Appropriateness of artwork to the South Salt Lake community and the location • Artistic excellence, quality of skills and techniques and the ability to communicate a unique vision • Experience and ability to successfully complete the project according to the “Project Requirements”. • Professionalism and presentation of ideas within the proposal Timeline Applications Due: Monday, March 18, 2019, 5:00 pm local time (MST) All complete submissions postmarked, delivered or received electronically on or before the deadline will be reviewed. Notification: Selected artist will be notified by March 25, 2019. Work period: Project shall be completed within a 30 day window from April 10-May 10, 2019. Contact Information

For more information, please contact Lesly Allen at or 801-412-3223.

Project Requirements Artists shall conform to all requirements, included in the artist’s contract, without exception. Failure to comply at any time will result in stop of work and possible cancellation of contract. Note: The term “worker” refers to artist and all individuals working under his/her direction.

1. Place On or along Parley’s Trail between 500 W and 900 W at approximately 2200 S / Andy Ave.

a. Final location shall be confirmed upon selection of the artist and approval of property owners/managers.

b. The trail is fenced on both sides for a majority of this distance. The work zone is limited to what is accessible from the trail.

c. The north fence is owned by SL County, the south fence is owned by UTA. Any changes to the fence or materials attached to it must be approved in advance of installation. d. The pavement is owned by SL County. No painting is allowed on the concrete, to reduce slipping hazards and maintenance issues.


2. Time of work Artist shall submit a proposed work schedule (time of day, days of week) to property owner for approval. Full trail closure may be granted upon request and may be limited to overnight hours.

3. Permits Permission to work on the project site is granted by the property owners/managers. The property owners/managers may enforce the stipulations of these agreement at all times.

a. Right of Entry – SSL-UTA courtesy permit describing work, hours, access and hazards.

b. Trail use agreement – SSL-SL Co agreement describing work, hours, access and hazards.

4. Safety Artist must follow all safety regulations. All precaution must be taken to:

a. Do not damage the vinyl coating on the fence – it is a grounding measure for the train to disperse static electricity and prevent shocking trail users.

b. Keep all materials inside of the work zone.

c. No equipment may exceed the height of the fence. There is no way to retrieve materials that fall over the fence. Items falling onto train tracks below or adjacent or onto the high-voltage catenary wire powering the trains are extreme hazards and could result in cancellation of the contract.

d. Mark the work zone with warning signs and fencing or flagging/tape as needed.

e. Workers must remain on the ground or no more than 36” above the ground to prevent falling accidents (people or equipment.)

f. Remove all materials and equipment from the work zone and trail during non- work periods.

g. All workers shall wear an orange safety vest or orange shirt to identify themselves to UTA workers.

h. Participate in a pre-construction meeting on-site with UTA, Salt Lake County and the city to confirm work scope and practices and ensure artist has met the Project Requirements.

7. Equipment

a. Before starting work, Artist must provide the following items to include in the permit before access will be granted: i. Description of all equipment to be used (type, dimension, height, weight) ii. List of all tools being used iii. Drawing showing heights of equipment and tools and the fall zone of each to show that it can remain outside the foul zone of tracks and catenary line, even if the item falls. iv. Name of equipment operator(s) 8. Access a. Access the corridor is from 300 W Andy Ave. (2200 S) or from 2200 S 900 W.

b. Artist to work with city to find acceptable parking (no public parking in the vicinity)

c. Vehicles not allowed on the trail and there are no vehicle access points. All materials must be hand-carried or carted.

d. People, vehicles, tools, etc cannot cross or be on the UTA track

9. Storage a. All tools, supplies and equipment must be removed from the work zone during non- work hours

10. Insurance requirements a. Artist to carry insurance protecting property owners and the city i. Workers Compensation – if required, city will reimburse artist for cost ii. Worker is required to buy damage waiver insurance on any rented equipment. b. City carries General Liability insurance covering the artists work.


Submittal Requirements

Proposals should reflect the artistic team’s experience and aptitude for interpretive art work. Experience with work at a similar size, scale and purpose is recommended.
Required Materials: • Image of the proposed artwork and interpretive panels at a minimum 8”x10” each • Description of size, material, installation method and location of the proposed work • Artistic and interpretive statement about the proposed work • Description of tools/equipment to be used and artist experience with these (see “Equipment”) • Letter of Interest, including applicant’s name, email and contact info • Bio, Resume or CV for members of artistic team • Minimum two examples of previous work in similar scope/scale showing proficiency for similar work. Each example must include including images, location, artistic/interpretive statement, and descriptions of work site constraints.

Required Format: Proposals must be submitted in the specified format so they may be evaluated in an objective manner by the selection committee. Entries that do not meet submission requirements will not be considered. Submissions may be delivered in person, sent by mail or emailed.

The Arts Council is not responsible for missing or late submittals. Artist is responsible to confirm receipt. Hard Copies:

1. 8.5” x 11 size paper

2. Ten (10) page maximum

3. Submit two (2) hard copies, which will not be returned.

4. Adequate font size and graphic resolution to be read at this size.

Digital Copies:

1. 8.5” x 11 size or proportion

2. Ten (10) page maximum

3. Digital files must be compiled into one .pdf, .doc or .ppt.

4. Adequate font size and graphic resolution to be read at this size.

Submit to: Digital Address: Lesly Allen, Arts Council Director 801-412-3223 Physical/Mailing Address: South Salt Lake Arts Council 220 E. Morris Ave., Suite 200 South Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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