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Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino – On the Margins of Metaxy at Finch Lane Gallery

Salt Lake City
Oct. 8 – Nov. 19
There will be an artist reception on Friday, October 15, 6-9pm, open to the public.

Finch Lane Gallery
54 Finch Lane

Tuesdays from 9:30am-8:30pm and Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9:30am-5pm.

Twin sisters, Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino, explore transitory states of being through their film installation On the Margins of Metaxy. This is an immersive and contemplative experience, which allows the viewer to feel as though they are within the scenes projected, distorted, and reflected on multiple screens. The imagery of blinking eyes, reaching arms, and slow walks within water invite the viewer to linger and wait to see what one might learn about oneself.

Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino (together known as the Also Sisters) left their home country of Spain in 2011 to pursue film in the United States. Since then, the Also Sisters have directed a number of films with selections at major film festivals such as Sitges, Edinburgh, Raindance, Cinespaña, and Chicago Underground.

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