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Saturday Snaps: Wind, Dust and Sun

To honor our volunteer photographers, who do such a fine job making Utah’s Art Magazine look fabulous, we’ve decided to begin a new feature in our Daily Bytes section. In Saturday Snaps we will feature a photograph from one of our photographers. The photographs featured may be about Utah, and they may be about art  (as is the case with Gerry Johnson’s photograph today), but mainly they will be about showing what great eyes we have covering Utah’s art world.

Gerry Johnson covered Nancy Holt’s visit to Utah in two different ways. On Thursday, October 18th, he covered the opening celebrations for her exhibit at the UMFA as an official photographer. On Saturday the 20th he also visited the Sun Tunnels, where he was joined by Holt and about seventy-five others to watch the sunset. The wind that was blowing in the storm that has visited us this past week was kicking up quite a bit of dust on Saturday, joining the setting sun to provide Gerry with unique atmospheric effects.

Sun Tunnels View by Gerry Johnson

Gerry Johnson was an engineer in a past life. A former film, now digital photographer, his work over the last 3 years has been “to capture the ‘moments of beauty’ that surround each of us in our daily lives, and present them to the viewer in a way that they can also experience the spirit of beauty.”

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