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Sargeant Salon: A Shampoo, a Shave and a Chagall

Area restaurants aren’t the only alternative venue for emerging artists. While having their hair styled at Sargeant Salon, David Sargeant’s clients get to view fine art originals instead of the usual cheesy posters of hair models.

About two years ago, Sargeant decided his clients would appreciate seeing beautiful paintings and photographs on his walls during their time in his chairs. He also recognized that, by changing the work displayed every two months, his regular clients would continue to get variety in what they viewed.

Since then, Sargeant (whose aunt is artist Mariann Dunn and who himself dabbles in painting) has shown everything from oils to acrylics, and digital photographs to doodles. Most of his artists are from Utah and most come to him by referral. He has no particular formula for his success. Maybe it’s the artists he chooses. Maybe it’s the prices (he only takes a 10-20% commission). Maybe it’s that he has a captive audience and can chat about the artwork and the artists. Maybe it’s that the work is well lighted. Whatever it is, it is working.

Sargeant allows buyers to take their purchase home with them on the spot, so he recommends that his artists have additional works they can hang. It’s unusual that he doesn’t sell multiple pieces during the two-month showing. And he is usually committed to new shows two to four months in advance.

During January & February, Sargeant will be showing the black and white photography of seventeen-year-old phenom Liz Lilja. So stop by and take a look. Better yet, schedule an appointment for a cut or style. Sargeant Salon is located in Salt Lake City at #11 Exchange Place (in the Boston Building). Appointments can be made Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. by calling 801-355-3952.

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