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Sarah Winegar

Sarah Winegar is a printmaker in Salt Lake City where she lives with her husband and son. She studied printmaking at the University of Utah and continues her practice at Saltgrass Printmakers. She specializes in reduction woodcut prints, utilizing the happy chance that her father-in-law owns a lumber mill.

Artist Statement

The reduction process is the main influence of my work. Color will mix in unexpected ways with previous layers, lines will be bold, shapes will develop with the grain. My main goal is to join these elements of chance with the images from my mind. I make art about my belief, my hope, my doubts. These prints usually start as questions and evolve into bits of answer that I gather as I think. I am often distracted with the same question, and each piece is a new angle that I try to see. Do my beliefs sustain my feelings? Are they still true to me? Do they still hold the same meaning?





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