Sarah Malan-McDonald Explores the Trauma of BIRTH! at Sugar Space

Over the past decade the rate of cesarean births has continually increased so that now one-third of all births in the United States comes about through surgery, well over the 10 percent ideal established by the World Health Organization. Sara Malan-McDonald, a choreographer from the Phoenix area, gave birth to her first two daughters via necessary emergency cesarean. Her third daughter was also born via cesarean, though she says the operation was unnecessary, and resulted in trauma to the baby and extreme, morbid postpartum depression for the mother.

Malan-McDonald’s work BIRTH!, which will be performed Saturday, Nov. 4 at Sugar Space, is her response to this experience, a modern dance that discusses how babies are born, what it means for the mothers and babies as well as the larger society. This video piece explores the creation of the work.


BIRTH! by Sarah Malan-McDonald, at Sugar Space Arts Warehouse132 S. 800 West, Salt Lake City, Nov. 4, 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

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