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Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson has taught at the University of Utah for over thirty years, so his iconic paintings, densely packed with pop and art-historical figures are familiar to most in Utah’s art community. In this, our first installment of a video interview as artist profile, Carol Fulton sat down with the wry and engaging artist to discuss his routine, his reasons for raiding the vaults of art history, and what exactly is going on with his paragraph-long titles.


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  1. Awesome work Sam and you are a true Legend and Teacher with tremendous talent and gifts shown in your artworks. It was a honor to have you as my teacher and inspiration. One question still remains have anyone in the painting department beat my 70 something paintings. Take care and keep up the unique work of a genius.

  2. I loved the video interview with Sam Wilson. I very much enjoyed the description of his rituals to painting. It’s so necessary for other artists to realize that to be an artist requires dedication and commitment in order to reach your creative potential. As I have told younger photographers that to be an artist is a life more than a job and requires the commitment of many hours daily. I remember a quote from both Ansel Adams and Richard Avedon that “There is nothing they hate more than a day off.”

  3. Truly fascinating collection of thoughts as directed by interview,video work, editing and a love of art and artists. Each section of the video was a magnificent capsule of attitude and information.

  4. Well done. Captures the artist well as he reveals the thoughtful context and identity of him/his work. Good use of the bounty of visual and conceptual content Prof. Wilson provides. Sam has earned his right (so to speak) to do his work and his place in the community with his beautiful contributions. Unfortunately he may never read these comments since for him computers don’t work slowly and thoughtfully enough. ; )

  5. I love ya Sam! Great interview. You may just be one of those guys (or gals) who are ahead of their time. I’ve been lucky to have you as a professor and mentor.

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