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Salt Lake City’s Tory Guilfoyle

Tory Guilfoyle is an artist, curator, and visual arts professional living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied photography at Savannah College of Art and Design before transferring to Westminster College where she received a BA in Arts Administration. Tory has spent over 10 years working in the Utah arts community, holding positions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts, Kimball Art Center, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, and the Arts Council | Park City & Summit County. In her free time, Tory enjoys providing art therapy to her dear friend, Irene, an 80-year old dementia darling, portrait photography, abstract painting, traveling, visiting art museums, hosting dinner parties, hiking, backpacking, and camping.


If you could choose one person to paint or sculpt your portrait who would it be?

Bailey Hatcher. I met Bailey years ago when I was working on an exhibition for the Kimball Art Center. She was still in high school at the time and I just remember being so blown away by her talent. It’s been so fun to watch her work evolve now that she’s almost(?) completed art school. She wrote about how she deals with a lot of physical pain and her art is a vehicle for releasing that pain, which is something I relate to.

What is your favorite building in Utah?:

The Maryland, an apartment building on South Temple designed by Bernard Mecklenburg in 1912; or the new courthouse because it looks nothing like any other building we have here.

What is the most memorable exhibit you’ve seen recently?

This is tough … Air at the UMFA, specifically Virginia Catherall’s scarf tracking the air quality before, during, and after the covid lockdown; and the child-sized regalias by Naomi Bebo. Also, anything Nancy Stoaks brings to the Kimball Art Center; she’s one of the most thoughtful curators in Utah [see our review of their Between Life and Land: Material here].

What is the last artistic thing you created ?

I’m a portrait photographer (@g.photo____) and an abstract painter (@g.paint____) so I’m always working on something but I’m currently almost finished this strange desert scene that I’m pretty excited about.


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