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Salt Lake City’s Shawn Rossiter

Shawn Rossiter’s new monumental drawing, Tiamat, is now on display at the Salt Lake Arts Council’s Finch Lane Gallery.

1) What are you reading lately?
I”ve found myself rereading a couple of books I read while in college — Paul Ricoeur’s The Symbolism of Evil, and Jacques Derrida’s The Gift of Death. Also I’ve got a copy of James Hall’s Michelangelo and the Reinvention of the Human Body that I’m about halfway through.

2) What hangs above your mantel?
Unlike about 80% of the other people who have been on the spot, I actually do have a mantel, but there is nothing particularly exciting there. I use it as a spot to take a look at whatever I’ve been working on lately; but I hope to soon have a permanent occupant — a Stefanie Dykes print.

3) What artist, living or dead, would you choose to paint, sculpt or photograph your portrait?
El Greco. Halfway through my thirties now, I’ve been putting on some weight and I think the way he elongates his figures could really do something for my self-esteem.

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