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Salt Lake City’s Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter works for the University of Utah art department. He is included in the faculty show at the UMFA this month.

1) What are you reading lately?
Lately I have been reading, (or rather looking at) a book by Rainer Zerbst about the architect Antoni Gaudi. I find his fusion of structure and organic form amazing and attention to detail obsessive. I guess it’s this attention to detail that I find so interesting and strive for in my own work. Being a craftsman under his direction must have been an incredible yet sometimes painful experience.

2) What hangs above your mantel?
This year we have taken down the mirror to make room for a wreath, this is a bit unusual for us, we generally have an “untraditional” view of the holidays. But tradition is what you make of it I suppose.

3) What artist, living or dead, would you choose to paint, sculpt or photograph your portrait?
I would like to watch Robert and Shana Parke Harrison paint, sculpt and photograph a construct of what I do for a living, a representation of a multifaceted person by multifaceted artists. Now THAT I would hang over the mantel.

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