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Salt Lake City’s Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts

If you aren’t able to catch Stephanie St. Thomas’ artwork this month at the Magpie’s Nest (see above) you’ll have a chance to see her work and the work of over thirty other Utah artists at the upcoming FEED THE HUNGRY FOSTER THE ARTS.

This annual event is sponsored by Catholic Community Services to help raise funds to support  the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall and the Weigand Homeless Day Center   while promoting the work of local visual artists. The Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts Festival is the largest fund-raising event of the year for St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall and the Weigand Homeless Day Center. The St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall provides over 700 hot meals and sack lunches to low income and homeless individuals and families every day. The Weigand Homeless Day Center provides a wide array of human services including clothing distribution, a library of donated books and magazines, barber services, mail service, showers, laundry facilities and temporary job placement services.

The Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts event was held for many years at the St. Vincent de Paul Center. As program director Kathryn Brussard explains, the CCS board decided to move the event out of the center because they felt it was not appropriate to displace those who use the center’s services for the arts festival.

Consequently, last year the event was held at the Gateway’s Union Depot. The timing was also changed to early December. This year the event will again be at the Union Depot but it will return to its normal timing of early March.

The art festival will run from Friday March 5th until Sunday March 7th and will feature a wide range of visual arts including pottery, sculpture, jewelry, painting, pastels and drawings.

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