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Russell Case at David Ericson Fine Art

Salt Lake City
Nov. 15 – Dec. 10

Reception, Friday, Nov. 19, 6-8 pm

Western painter G. Russell Case is inspired by nature, but he places little value on literal translations. His sweeping, idealized versions of the western landscape are compositions that combine the beauty of the natural world with the rich imagination and originality of an artist’s mind. While there is an unmistakable honesty present in his painted environments — stemming from his engagement with the land painted directly from nature — viewers may be reminded of other great artists of the west, whose work is marked by distinctive artistic philosophies. Case’s work is unfettered by philosophy and intellect, though he is surely a student of his artistic forebears. The monumental scale of Maynard Dixon, or the unfiltered color and light of Thomas Moran both find their way into his visual language. Yet Case’s work is simple, pure, and fresh; his painting draws in the viewer and delivers timeless landscapes. We are immediately transported into a world created by shadow and light, of immense vistas punctuated by jagged mountains and inhabited by lonesome cowboys.

David Ericson Fine Art
410 East 3rd Avenue
SLC, UT 84103

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