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Roger Whiting



In my first semester at Rhode Island School of Design, I took an art education course. After doing a site visit to watch a middle-school teacher instruct her class, I had an idea to make a mural with her students. I returned on his own time to create a 4 by 8 foot mural with a few students from each of the teacher’s classes.

From that project in 2001, I have been involved in organizing and implementing dozens of mural and mosaic-mural projects with nonprofit organizations and schools, many of which are structured as classes to teach youth the creative process (from brainstorming to planning to creation).

Artist Statement

Art has the ability to heal wounds between communities, to inspire greatness, and to lift the hearts of those who participate in it. Whiting provides positive art-making experiences to youth who may not experience art as much as others without intervention.

All students are able to create meaningful art. I approach projects not only as a leader, but also as a participant and a member of the community.


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