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Reuben Nakian’s “Juno”

In this month’s edition of 15 Bytes we featured an interview between curator Frank McEntire and sculptor Neil Hadlock, whose work is being featured at Nox Contemporary this month.

As discussed in the article, Hadlock’s abstract forms have become familiar parts of Utah’s outdoor artistic landscape. When Hadlock was a professor of art at Brigham Young University he was also influential in selecting a sculpture for the school’s Museum of Art that has become as iconic as his own sculptures. “Juno,” the mass of abstract forms that anchors the museum’s main entrace, was created by Reuben Nakian. The work was commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts in 1981, and after the artist’s death was one of the few large-scale sculptures by the artist to have been cast.


Hadlock found the almost 5000 pound sculpture at the Gremillion Fine Arts Gallery in Houston, and in 1993 it was installed in front of what was then a new museum of art for the BYU campus.

Read more about the work in this 1993 article from the Deseret News. And learn more about Nakian and his work here.

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