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Nathan Florence at work inside his studio at the UMOCA.

Nathan Florence at work inside his studio at the UMOCA.

The deadline for UMOCA’s artist-in-residence program is Saturday, July 20th at 11:59 PM.

UMOCA’s Artist-in-Residence Program is designed specifically to meet the various needs of artists living in Utah today.  As such, only Utah artists may apply and applicants will be selected primarily based on demonstrated artistic potential, commitment to working in a contemporary idiom, willingness to participate with intellectually-engaged community, and readiness to devote the time necessary to advance their professional careers to the next level.

As such, Curator of Education Jared Steffensen explains, “ the program provide the artists with a framework that supports their studio practice while developing their professional careers  by fosters an engaging community of contemporary artists.”

All UMOCA residents will receive a wide variety of benefits from the museum, including one year of free studio space inside the museum itself. UMOCA will also provide residents with private meetings with national curators, critics, and other art world professionals who will be brought to UMOCA specifically to give residents opportunities for higher visibility inside and outside the state. In addition, UMOCA will support residents by offering workshops in professional development, monthly critiques, special access to visiting artists and lecturers, exhibition opportunities, and greater chances for community engagement.

“Thus far, through the past five inaugural months of the artist-in-residency program, we’ve introduced residents’ work to two curators, Marji Vecchio and Rachel Cook, established an Educator-in-Residence program with the inclusion of Nathan Florence, and formed a studio visit partnership with Spiro Arts in Park City,” said Jared Steffensen, Curator of Education.

Other artist-in-residents include Jared Lindsay Clark, Color Maish, Brian Patterson, and Mary Toscano.  These artists will stay on as the residency stay overlaps.  Such layering creates interesting cross sections, where those who have worked with UMOCA for a few months, or for a few weeks, can offer context, insight, and fellowship to the incoming resident.

Of her residency, artist Colour Maisch said, “It is an amazing opportunity to live in Utah with all the things that it has to offer and to have access to all the curators and artists who come to work with UMOCA. It is the best of both worlds.”

To apply, applications should include: Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Intent, Artist Statement, References, and documentation of work.  Applications must be submitted through the UMOCA website via Slide Room, which requires a $10 fee.

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