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Rebecca Klundt is Joining the Refugee Benefit Art Sale for 2019

Rebecca Klundt is a Salt Lake City native and graduate from Brigham Young University with a BFA in 2D studio art, an emphasis on painting.

And power tools.

From a distance Klundt’s works may look like simple 2-D paintings, or maybe collage works, but they are actually created with found materials that are chopped up, painted and arranged into fascinating patterns. “In my life in general and in my work, I find great satisfaction in using up the unusable; in finding a purpose for something that has been discarded; in cleaning up the chaotic pile and organizing it,” she says.

“This year I am excited to be on the board and joining with artists throughout the valley to participate in what has come to be known as the Refugee Benefit Art Sale. It is exciting when what I have to offer can become a resource for something bigger. This event which started because one person recognized a need, considered her resources, and started a conversation, is only in its 3rd year but is growing quickly because of the generous artist and patron community here in Utah.”

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 7 at the Provo City Library Ballroom  You can follow on Instagram at or on Facebook.

Klundt’s work can be seen at Phillips Gallery, SLC, Terzian Gallery, Park City, Art Space Warehouse, Los Angeles, and, as well as on her website


“When It’s Time to Go Home,” 18″ x 19″

What’s New (2019) curated by Emily Larsen.

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