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Rebecca Klundt

Rebecca Klundt describes her work as “reconstructions” which is a process that includes breaking down found materials and then putting them back together.  She is passionate about the beauty of the significant lines that are created naturally when two things are bound together and loves exploring rich color combinations.  She is determined to use this primitive language to tell her story. “In my life in general and in my work, I find great satisfaction in using up the unusable; in finding a purpose for something that has been discarded; in cleaning up the chaotic pile and organizing it.  My goal is to create order and beauty and promote some good conversation about things that matter to me.” Rebecca is a Salt Lake City native, mother of five and grandmother to a growing number.  She received her BFA from BYU.  She and her husband, Kevin, reside in West Jordan, Utah.


Instagram:  rebeccaklundt

Phillips Gallery, Salt Lake City
FourSquare ART

“Food for Thought”


“5 x 5 Friends”


“Gathering Place”


“Kind Words”


“Lake Powell”



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