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Rebecca C. Durham

Rebecca C. Durham is the Executive Director of Utah Chamber Artists and has sung with the professional ensemble since it began in 1991. She received an M.A. in Musicology from the University of Utah and was the first director of the School of Music’s Virtuoso Series at Libby Gardner Concert Hall – a celebrity classical series featuring internationally acclaimed artists.

She comes from a rich musical background and currently lives in Sandy with her husband Thomas Durham. She is the mother of three grown children and has five grandchildren. She loves the fact that they also love music. 

One of three paintings (that I proudly own) by Shawn Rossiter. It is a wonderful oil painting of an Italian landscape.

I have always loved the Peteetneet School in Payson Utah. My parents and grandparents went there and when viewing it as a young girl I always thought it looked very magical sitting high above the town. It was built in 1901 and named for Ute Indian Chief Peteeneet. If you ever visit, it’s now a museum and cultural arts center – look for the stone carvings of a boy and girl on the opposite sides of the west entrance.

 I usually read a few books simultaneously, but the one that I’m spending the most time with right now is Wolf Hall. It’s a Man Booker prize-winner by Hilary Mantel centered on Henry VIII’s reign. By the time I’m finished I hope to be able to keep all his “Thomas’s” straight: Moore, Cromwell, Cranmer, and there may be one more – oh wait…that’s my husband.

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  1. It would be fascinating to see a landscape by Shawn Rossiter — hard to imagine it. Surely you could post an image? Please? And what are the others by Rossiter that Durham owns, I wonder? Couldn’t the inquisitor have inquired?

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