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Realism Illuminated: Megan Oldhues Captures Everyday Moments in Midvale’s Mural Scene


Large mural on the side of a brick building depicting a young woman reading a book. The mural shows a close-up of the woman with a daisy in her hair, a desk lamp, and a stack of books. The artwork captures a warm, nostalgic atmosphere with a soft color palette.

Megan Oldhues brings a contemporary realist vibe to the street-dominant mural scene. The Toronto-based artist is known for work that is highly realistic, capturing intricate details of the human form, clothing, and environments. Utilizing a rich and vibrant color palette, she enhances the realism and emotional impact of her scenes, effectively using light and shadow to add depth and dimension. Each piece tells a story or captures a moment in time, inviting viewers to ponder the narrative and context of the scene. Her murals often depict human figures engaged in everyday activities.

“By Lamplight,” which she created as part of Midvale’s 2024 Los Muros on Main is a striking example of the artist’s realistic style and narrative quality. This piece features a young woman deeply engrossed in her studies, illuminated by the soft glow of a desk lamp. The attention to detail is evident in the depiction of the woman’s focused expression, the intricate folds of her clothing, and the warm, inviting light cast by the lamp. The surrounding elements, such as the stack of books and the delicate daisy in a vase, contribute to the intimate, contemplative atmosphere of the scene.

“The evening lamp light knows all—your aspirations, and uncertainties,” the artist says. “A space that harbours our vulnerabilities as we travel from who we are towards who we’d like to be.”

The mural is seamlessly integrated into the brick façade of The Canary Apartments (7555 S Main Street), enhancing its surroundings and creating a harmonious blend of art and architecture.


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