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Raquel Smith Callis

From 2006 to 2009 Provo seemed like it might finally coalesce into a thriving art scene of its own,* with a number of non-profit and profit gallery spaces and a successful gallery stroll. One of the driving forces behind this movement was Raquel Smith Callis, who until last year was the Public Arts Program Director for the Provo Downtown Alliance and who helped create Gallery 110, Art Front Community Space, Provo Art Center Gallery and Store Front Galleries. In this month’s edition of The Provo Orem Word, its publisher Rebecca Packard has written a profile of Raquel where she tells us what Raquel is up to now that she has turned from the public to the personal.

Read the article here.

*We don’t mean to imply that nothing is happening in Provo — check out page 10 to see what show’s are up this month — but even locals admit to us that things are pretty quiet right now. We’d love to here of new initiatives, though. Email us editor@artistsofutah.org

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