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Randall Lake

Randall Lake

Randall Lake was born in California in 1947. He is a fine realistic portraitist and figure painter who also does exquisite still-life and landscape works in his studio in the Guthrie Building in Salt Lake City, at a studio home in Spring City, Utah, and elsewhere in California and Europe. Lake studied French at the Sorbonne in 1968. When riots closed the school he continued to study on the left-bank with Claude Schurr at the Acedemie Julian. He completed his English degree Cum Laude at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Then in 1972, he studied with Gustave Singier at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts. Later, while teaching American English in Paris, he studied printmaking with S.W. Hayter at the Atelier 17. A graduate of the University of Utah, (MFA 1977), one of Alvin Gittin’s most hard working and talented students during the period, Lake was also highly successful just afterward as a visiting member of the Department of Art Studio faculty at the University of Utah.

Randall Lake is a 21st century painter drawn to 19th century realism. He says, “My paintings are painted from life, I dislike working from photographs because the photographic image is so static and unchanging that one ends up copying the material rather than interpreting. There is nothing like painting on location for that chemistry bred of urgency, of wanting to get it right, of struggling to capture the momentary, and of having to discern what is essential and what is not.” Lake’s work is held in local and national collections.

Artist Statement

For a number of years I have been dissatisfied with my painting.  I was no longer happy painting the way I have done for most of my career.  The results did not excite me anymore.  So I have made an effort to change. I have been experimenting with Fauvism: choosing to use bright color to saturate the canvas and also introduce an element of abstraction into my work.  Both of these decisions have left me frustrated, which is normal if you are a painter.  I feel like I am setting out for unknown territory.  Facing the unknown is vastly more satisfying than trying to repeat past successes.


Country Garden by Randall Lake

Hoytsville Snow by Randall Lake

Crystal Cove, California by Randall Lake

Vincent Thomas Bridge by Randall Lake

Irises by Randall Lake

My Dining Room by Randall Lake

Attributes of Painting by Randall Lake

Russian Teacup by Randall Lake

The Student by Randall Lake

High Street, Guernsey by Randall Lake


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  1. Hi Randall,

    Bob and I were just introduced to you and your career as a beautiful artist. Congratulation for pursuing your passion and developing your profession thru studies internationally as well as domestically. Bob and I are leading a traditional life in Canada; married 53 years, 3 daughters, and 7 grandchildren. About 7 years ago I took up oil painting. Although I received my degree in Pharmacy from the U. of Colorado, my passion has always been in the arts. A couple of year ago I became so sensitive to oils that I had to quit. I tried everything, even a respirator. Now I am a student of figure drawing, sticking to charcoal and pencil. It is challenging. …… Your work is truly fabulous. Do you sell your pieces? If so where? Blessings to you, Phyllis & Bob Brinkerhoff

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