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Randall Hankins HyperObjects

Don’t get confused, Salt Lake’s Gallery Stroll isn’t for another week, but you’ve got great opportunities tonight for an art-viewing free date night. There’s Perspectives: Art and Autism at Kayo Gallery, which we blogged about yesterday, and another exhibit is popping up at Cordell Taylor’s studio, which since for the past couple of years has functioned part-time as a gallery.

Cordell Taylor features sculptural works by Randy Hankins. This is Hankins first solo exhibit, featuring work created in the past decade but inspired by much earlier experiences. In the mid 70s, Hankins says, he began making small pen and ink drawings that “seemed to arise spontaneously” from some sort of imagined hypersapce. He saw them as a form of communication that needed to be shared in steel.

In 2001 he began creating a series of 23 steel sculptures that he calls HyperObjects. They arose out of his drawings from 35 years ago, and inspired by key concepts of Terence McKenna — especially his belief that he was “drawing mankind and history toward catarcts of transcendental change.”

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Hankins creates his sculptures in his east bench studio — which Kelly Green visited last year for a 15 Bytes Studio Space feature — where, when he’s in the right frame of mind, they come to him to be given concrete form.

“All of my work is essentially an effort to recreate the Mystery in material form. My HyperObjects Series is specifically an attempt to accrete a group of unique pieces whose qualities reflect the Mystery for me—multi-dimensional, embedded, arcane, enfolded, enigmatic, patinated, archaic, alchemical, sacred and emergent…”

Opening reception: Friday 11/11/11 6-10pm
Cordell Taylor Gallery
964 south 200 west
SLC UT 84101
The show runs 11/11/11 thru 12/12/11

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