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Rachel Stuart

Rachel Stuart is an aspiring artist in southern Utah. She will graduate from Southern Utah University in the Spring of 2020, with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. She specializes in oil paints and printmaking, including silkscreen, relief, and intaglio. Rachel Stuart will have artwork exhibited in Southern Utah’s Museum of Art starting in April 2020. She currently, and in the past, has had artwork featured at America’s First Event Center in Cedar City, Utah. Rachel has been commissioned by several companies, and personal art collectors. In the future, Rachel plans to enter more shows and to pursue her career in art.

Artist Statement
“Circles are interesting. They can be 2D, 3D or implied. What do they mean? What can they tell us? What is the deeper insight they help to convey? They can contain things inside or keep things out. Circles can give a feeling of wholeness, that something is complete or perfect. A circle can also be a hole, a sense of emptiness, or a space. Circles add something interesting design-wise to the artwork. By juxtaposing organic shapes, such as the human figure, with more geometric shapes, a symbolic mood is added to the piece. The symbolic nature of art is what I’m focusing on.”



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  1. Rachel is a very fine, sensitive and wonderful artist! Her works are exceptional and she shines through everything she does!

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