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Rachel Hancey

Rachel Hancey is a student at the Utah State University, graduating spring of 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a studio emphasis in Printmaking. She has lived all throughout the west and draws inspiration from its vast spaces and ever-changing light.

Artist Statement

My work explores how the observance of light allows us to intuitively measure the passage of time. I am interested in moments when light and existence feel delicate; when I become astutely aware of the transitory, fleeting, and impermanent. Experiencing light as an indication of the fragility of time requires awareness and mindfulness; it requires quietness and great intentionality. I screen print these photographed moments with overlapping layers of gradients and monoprints in order to alter their appearance. This altering of original image references our inability to accurately capture and remember the truly sublime, and how we often rely on digital means in attempt to preserve such moments.



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