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Provo Poetry Call for Poems

Provo Poetry announces their year-round submission call for poems. Selected poems will be shared in creative ways throughout the Provo and greater Utah County communities. Founded by local poets Trish Hopkinson and Marianne Hales Harding, the main goal of Provo Poetry is to instill the love of poetry within the general community, bring poems to a wider audience, and to support local poets.

Submission guidelines are as follows:


·         Poets must have lived or spent significant time in Utah at some point in their lives. Please tell us where and when in your email.

·         Poems must be appropriate for a general audience (rated PG).

·         Provo Poetry is an all-inclusive community. Do not send poems with topics/speech related to hate, shaming, or cultural appropriation.

·         Previously published poems are okay!

POEM LENGTH: Short poems of about 20 lines or less.

NUMBER OF POEMS: Send up to ten poems. (We prefer a separate attachment for each poem sent in a single email).


ACCEPTED POEMS: You will be notified via email if your poems are accepted. Accepted poems will be printed up to ten times for distribution into the community in and around Provo.

For more information, contact the Provo Poetry,

Official web site:

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