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Play Me, I’m Yours. And Yours. And Yours. And . . .

We didn’t make it there ourselves but the word on the streets is that on Friday night the UMOCA was hopping. There might be a 15 Bytes bump (see our article on curator Aaron Moulton); but the crowds could have also had something to do with all that was going on that night — not only the opening of the Cantastoria show, but also the screening of Casting Jesus, about the Vatican’s search for an actor to play Jesus, and the unveiling of Play Me, I’m Yours.

The idea for Play Me, I’m Yours — artist-decorated pianos spread throughout public spaces in the city where everyone is invited to tickle the ivories — is British artist Luke Jerram’s, but the stylings here in Salt Lake are all local — like the piano we ran into kitty-corner from the Main Library (2nd East and 400 South), designed by Jim Frazer and Suzanne Simpson.

Play Me, I'm Yours piano designed by Jim Frazer and Suzanne Simpson, at the corner of 200 East and 400 South

For the UMOCA opening, guest pianist Eric Rich kept things lively from 7 to 9 pm. Stroll about the city now through June 30th and you’ll find any number of players — from amateurs to professionals and even your run-of-the-mill “Chopsticks” players — drowning out the noise of passing cars with their rhythms. When we hit the Ben Weimeyer designed piano located across the street from the Rose Wagner (138 West 100 South) a young teenager was playing, while his proud father looked on. When they got up (for a lesson or other appointment across the street), Daniel Moore, who had been waiting in the wings in his business attire, stepped in to have some fun and we caught it on video (with a quick glance at a couple of the new Flying Objects installed on Saturday).

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