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Photojojo!: Insanely Great Photo Projects and DIY Ideas
By Amit Gupta and Kelly Jensen
reviewed by Amanda Moore

Photojojo! Is a great book for the flickr addict, scrap booker and diy enthusiast. The book is separated into two halves. The first half is all about unique crafts and presentations you can create with your photographs. The second half is about having fun with your camera. There are also some helpful hints in the beginning on printing better photographs and in the back on where to get photo supplies.

The first half of the book is perfect for anyone trying to come up with some unique gifts (sure it’s a little late for Christmas, but people do have birthdays). Photo dolls, custom magnets, and a personalized Rubik’s cube are just a few examples. There are over thirty individual projects in this section. The one weak point to this section is — unlike Readymade magazine — it does not rate the difficulty of the individual projects so I recommend you read through the instructions thoroughly before you take them on.

The second half has tons of ideas on how to get more out of your camera. There are lessons on taking better portraits, painting with light, and making a tripod out of a bottle cap. There are also fun ideas like how to photograph a spinning kid, make a doggie cam and dress up a baby that are great for getting your creative juices flowing. I recommend using a camera you care very little about if you decide to try the “camera toss” project. The tone of the book is knowledgeable and fun and perfect for any level of photographer.

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