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Paola Bidinelli: Memories of A Future Life at Writ & Vision

Jan. 7 – Jan. 30

Throughout the month of January, at Writ & Vision Art Gallery in Provo, Memories of A Future Life will feature an intriguing exhibition of new works by the Italian artist Paola Bidinelli.

Originally from Teate degli Abruzzi, region of central Italy, Bidinelli has spent a lifetime making art from discarded and found objects and materials.

She writes: ‘I use natural materials, mostly organic, with a predilection towards leaves, branches, flowers, stones, nutshells, and barks. During my process, I penetrate their details to exhume a hidden beauty. Since they are often considered “worthless” I make it my mission to bring back to life what could easily be lost to indifference, distraction, or ignorance. My goal is to give these humble materials a second chance at life, resurrecting them to their unlimited Identity and Time of existence.

On a personal level, this show typifies Bidinelli’s spiritual message for a deeply layered sense of life.

Free entrance through the end of January.

Writ & Vision, Rare Books and Fine Art
274 W Center St. Provo, UT, 84601, tel. 801-647-7383

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