Peter Wiarda at 35×35

  In “AQI 151,” five digital photographs printed on aluminum panels are arranged in a pinwheel shape. The work’s title refers to the U.S.’s Air Quality Index (AQI), in which 151 represents a level of pollution that is unhealthy for everyone. The images, taken along the urban core […]


Abel Vasquez at 35×35

Abel Vasquez’s “Brain Fog” is an evocative installation that materializes the complex interplay of memory, perception, and the transience of the physical form. The artwork consists of a series of images transferred onto a resin material and made to look like crumpled pieces of paper or delicate pieces […]


Simon Zivny at 35×35

  These four photographs are from a series called “Prague 2022,” by Salt Lake City-based photographer Simon Živný. Živný’s father grew up in Prague, at a time when Czechoslovakia was part of The Eastern Bloc. Under the post-1968 regime, the family came under increasing pressure when a tapped […]


Laura Mason at 35×35

“I find myself staring at the mountains by my home trying to understand them, transfixed by them,” says Laura Hope Mason, who lives at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Draper, Utah. “Is it possible to capture the familiarity and memories of growing up so close to […]


Sara Luna at 35×35

Sara Luna’s piece hanging above the fireplace at Finch Lane Gallery is a striking work that immediately pulls the viewer’s gaze down the gallery. A face is obscured by what looks like a painted graffiti tag. Closer inspection, however, reveals that both the portrait and the tag are […]


Kristen Tye at 35×35

Kristen Tye’s “Marymere Forest” is a vibrant and texturally rich depiction of a forest scene. The composition is filled with various species of trees that tower vertically across the canvas while fallen dead wood creates a strong horizontal base at the center of the painting. The forest floor […]


Jared Jakins at 35×35

The word “blueprint” comes from the distinctive hue of the cyanotype process, an early photographic process limited to the blue light spectrum. Since it is an economical process, cyanotype was patented for commercial use in 1872 and was widely used as a means to reproduce technical drawings and […]


John Somppi at 35×35

  “Circles #5” and “Circles #7” are vibrant explorations of color and form by John Somppi. In these formalist studies, Somppi engages with a rich and limited color palette to investigate various color theories, creating a dynamic interplay of hues that includes magenta, red, orange, goldenrod yellow, lemon yellow, […]

35x35 | Visual Arts

Aloe Corry at 35×35

Comprising 12 individual watercolors pasted to panel, Aloe Corry’s “Care Instructions,” is representative of her narrative approach to art. Words frequently appear in her work, but in the case of “Care Instructions,” the gestures of the hands propel the narrative. The panels depict a step-by-step process for bandaging […]

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