15 Bytes Extras

More Glass

In our December 2007 edition of 15 bytes, our Artist Profile spotlighted Suzanne Larson, an assemblage sculpture who began experimenting with glass four years ago. When Larson got into glass, she found a large community of glass artists in the state. In addition to Larson’s glass now on […]


Art Basel, Miami Day 4

Well, we didn’t make it all the way through; and we took day four to head over to the Rubell Family Collection–contained in an AMAZINGLY SWEET warehouse in the Wynwood art district.  The space was huge, the work was great, they had an awesome bookstore, and I just like […]


Art Basel, Miami Day 3

We got a little discombobulated in our methodical approach.  Didn’t cover as much as we had planned.  But we needed a break.  As we go, I’m starting to notice a lot of repeats; that is multiple galleries representing the same artist.  Which  helps pin them down in my […]


Art Basel, Miami Day 2

Looking at art is so exciting, and so exhausting.  We had to get systematic.  There is so much to cover, we had to make a plan and map it out.  We still aren’t even halfway through.  We saw some interesting stuff, some new to me, some old.  Saw […]