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Art Too! Art Not!

“Is this art?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? “But that’s not art!” Does this declaration sound familiar? If so, you may want to pack your lunch this Friday and join the Salt Lake County Art Collection Committee’s new panel discussion, “Art Too! Art Not!” This new […]

Exhibition Reviews

Intersections at BYU Museum of Art

The Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art is currently holding a unique exhibition. “Intersections: Recent Paintings by Six Utah Artists” presents over 75 works by three generations of Utah artists: Frank Magleby, James C. Christensen, Gary Ernest Smith, Robert Marshall, Christopher Young, and Douglas Fryer. These artists’ paths […]

Personal Essay | Visual Arts

Reality Check: The Cost of Art

Why is art so damn expensive?!”

Apart from the obvious answer — that artists are the most important tier of society, providing the community the lens with which to look upon their souls, and should be appropriately compensated for their all-important work — we decided to examine this proverbiaal question and see if we couldn’t find an answer or two.