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Dave Doman

Salt Lake City artist Dave Doman is in a coma following a terrible skateboarding accident in California. Doman’s mother, Charlotte, is providing daily updates on his condition through her Facebook page.  For those of you who would like more information, you are invited to friend her at: […]

Artists of Utah News

35 x 35 Artists

This week the Board of Directors of Artists of Utah juried the upcoming 35×35 exhibition, which will open at Finch Lane Gallery September 18. 35×35 features thirty-five Utah artists under the age of thirty-five. Here’s the list: Cris BaczekMyranda BairAshley Knudsen BakerJoey BehrensCameron BentleyErin BerrettNamon BillsLinnie BrownAaron BushnellVan […]


Tao of Rudy Wins Awards

Park City artist Corinne Humphrey’s book The Tao of Rudy was recently recognized with two awards. The Tao of Rudy pairs Utah artist Corinne Humphrey’s whimsical paintings with real rescued dog Rudy’s positive messages about love, life and making your way in the world.  The Tao of Rudy […]

Daily Bytes | Mixed Media

Teresa Flowers

Gavin Sheehan recently interviewed Teresa Flowers on his blog. "Its difficult to measure the impact of any single person within our art community. Whether it be their body of work, the causes they support, projects they undertake, or any number of labors whether it be visual or social. […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Weighty Matter: Is the Art of Collage Collapsing?

  Ever since the Cubists first started gluing real-life materials, like newspapers, onto their two-dimensional representations of the same materials, collage has become an increasingly dominant art practice. Throughout the 20th century, in movements like Dada, Arte Povera, Fluxus, the post-painterly Abstractionsists and Pop art, collage played an important […]