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While You’re In St. George

If the promise of warm weather and a visit to Nathan Wotkyns’ Wide-Angle Art gallery isn’t enough to entice you to Utah’s Dixie, here’s one more reason. The St. George Art Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year on Easter weekend, Friday and Saturday, April 10 and […]

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Cat Palmer

Cat Palmer has become one of the most prolific photographers in the Utah arts scene. Capturing works that both intrigue and defy while still maintaining a lure that almost mesmerizes, seizing your interest beyond first glance. With multiple gallery and festival appearances, and just as many awards to […]

Daily Bytes

Waves of Mu Hits Salt Lake

We’ve been following Amy Caron’s developing Waves of Mu project ever since Ed Bateman profiled the artist in our March 2007 edition of 15 Bytes. Caron was still in the developmental stages of her installation/performance informed by the developing science of “mirror neurons” when Bateman wrote: “As Caron describes Waves of Mu, the performance […]