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Chalk Art This Weekend

The Utah Foster Care Foundations’s 6th annual Chalk Art Festival is this weekend, June 13th and 14th in downtown Salt Lake City. During the festival, thousands of families gather at the Gateway to watch dozens of artists create, beautiful, temporary works of art. To get you — and the participating […]

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June 2008 Edition now online

The June 2008 edition is now online, with plenty of artists, exhibitions and events:Amanda Moore at the Rose Wagner: page 1Provo’s new Sego Art Center: page 1The Nomadic Project comes to Utah: page 4 Jann Haworth at SL’s Main Library: page 4In Memoriam: Angelo Caravaglia: page 5Mestizo Arts […]

Book Reviews

Behaviourables and Futuribles

Behaviourables and Futuribles A review of Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology, and Consciousness Reviewed by Edward Bateman In 1970, Roy Ascott wrote, “If writing about art has any value at all at a time when art works and processes are themselves polemical, it can only be […]

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What We’re Working On

This month’s edition of 15 Bytes is shaping up to have a sort of mini-theme: travel. Which seems appropriate with summer just around the corner. In addition to our article on Amanda Moore, we have an interview with Olivia Mae Pendergast about her trip to Africa, and a […]

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June 2008 Edition

Untitled Guesswork | Crystal Young-Otterstrom | About Us page 2 Amanda Moore | The Nomadic Project page 3 Sego Arts Center | Sri Whipple & Jann Haworth at the Main Library page 4 Angelo Caravaglia | Mestizo Arts page 5 The Words to Describe Us | IAO Gallery’s […]