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Balanchine’s America

Balanchine’s America at Ballet West reviewed by Alexa Gamble It is easy to watch Balanchine. His choreography is visually engaging and active. His ballets rarely have a narrative, focusing instead on the abstract ideas of pure movement, space, musicality and emotion. One of the twentieth century’s foremost choreographers, […]

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Sculpture Today

“Although sculpture remains difficult to show, difficult to sell and difficult to own (perhaps the exact reasons why it flourishes so well in the public domain), it seems to me that there is a subtle but growing interest in sculpture and what is sculpture,” says Josh Kanter, a […]

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Westminster Art

Other opportunities to connect students with the greater art community came when two students, David Luhr and Melissa Smolley, put together Beyond the BFA. A one-day forum that included a panel discussion by many local arts leaders, and workshops by Westminster faculty, the forum was free and open […]

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The Artful Cup

photos by Zoe Rodriguez Every successful business must continuously scan the environment, reassess its performance and goals, and make adjustments as needed. Art galleries, like UTah Artists Hands, are no exception. Owner Pam O’Mara may have found the perfect business reincarnation with the transformation of her gallery space into half-gallery, […]

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Mallory Qualls

Through April 9th, the Utah Arts Festival’s gallery space, galleryuaf, features three unique Utah artists in an exhibit entitled Mandmade Truth. One of the artists, Mallory Qualls, uses photography and ciabachrome prints to create abstract paintings. Qualls manipulates scenes, rooted in reality, to answer the question, “Can photography […]


Matthew Barney

by Lane Bachman More impressive than any of the films I have seen by Mathew Barney himself is the documentary film about him, No Restraint. Basically, this is a “making of” picture for his recentish endeavors. The narrative is a story of creatures (in this case, humans) who are […]