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Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow, a documentary that explores Anselm Kiefer’s city of ruins and art in southern France, is now screening in select cities in the United States. The film, directed by Sophie Fiennes, witnesses the German artist as he transforms La Ribaute, an abandoned silk factory, into an apocalyptic landscape that serves as a stage for his monumental paintings and installations (learn more and watch clips here).   A review of the film appeared in Salon last week:

Whatever else it may be, La Ribaute is clearly a mythic and aesthetic space that suggests various things in the outside world but never engages with them directly . . . The film is a mesmerizing spectacle that asserts its own pace, alternating between exploring the work itself and exploring how it is made . . .”

The film is screening this fall in Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado, which means to see it you’ll have to spend a good chunk of time and money. Of course, you can always wait for the DVD.  But if we’re lucky, the Salt Lake City Film Center, which has done a fabulous job bringing us similar films (like Manufactured Landscapes, mentioned in yesterday’s post), will get it on a screen here at home.

Speaking of home, here are some recent mixed media articles about Utah art:

Utah Hindu temple art – a sermon in symbolism

Years from now, if the dreams of temple leaders come true, Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple building itself will be a hard-to-miss, massive piece of art.

Van Chu’s art strikes international chord
When artist Van Chu came to Utah in 2001 from his hometown of Hanoi, Vietnam, he was immediately struck by the overwhelming sensation of opposites.

DanceFest extravaganza brings famous paintings to life

Artist masters craft of turning wood

Dave Borba’s Journey of the Wounded Bird
Works of art often go on a journey before they arrive before your eyes. It’s a transformational process that carries the artist along with the work.

Painting all the colors of the world: Yaodong Hu BDAC’s featured artist.

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