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Our Hidden World: A Study of Human Emotion by Audrey Taylor at St. George Art Center

St. George
Sep. – Nov.

All of us feel emotions. Emotions universally bind us as a part of the human experience. In the world of art, an artist can evoke emotions with their work, or share a glimpse into an emotional personal experience. Art can even be a therapeutic release.

Emotions can be so overwhelming that simply sharing them is not enough to process, it can drive the need to create. Local artist Audrey Taylor delves into personal experiences and shares those emotional experiences with the viewer through her contemporary art.

Deep introspection into one’s emotions can allow one to a place of self-awareness and a greater sense of empathy. The journey of emotional discovery through art is timeless, artists today join artists of the past, and of the future, as they seek their own revelation into what it means to feel.

“True art lies in a reality that is felt.” – Odilon Redon


St. George Art Museum

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