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Orem’s Moonglass Gallery Creates a Cozy Atmosphere for Affordable Art

The gallery space at the back of Moon Glass Antiques displays the artwork among a collection of antique furniture, creating a warm, cozy vibe.

Despite the threat of winter storms this past weekend, Moonglass Antiques, in conjunction with Provo’s Oddduck Studio, unveiled Moonglass Gallery on State Street in Orem. A cozy venue unexpectedly nestled in the back of Moonglass Antiques, Utah County’s newest gallery space invites patrons to warm themselves in a world where affordable local art and curated antiques converge. Moonglass Antiques opened in February and quickly became a respected destination for serious antique collectors. Now they’ve opened a homey gallery that is not just about spaces for displaying art and antiques — it evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity, giving visitors a sense of how art can be lived with. The grand opening delivered a celebration of local talent and provided patrons with a unique blend of artistic expression and vintage charm.

One of the standout features of this gallery is its commitment to making art accessible to everyone. The displayed pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also affordable, allowing art enthusiasts, both seasoned and newcomers, to bring home a piece of the local art scene. Most pieces are small and they are displayed on just about every surface in the gallery — on walls and doors, atop antique dressers and tables, inside bookshelves. As owner Adam Thomas moves from work to work, he shares his admiration for the artists’ techniques and his words express a spirit of artistic camaraderie about the featured artists. “I hope that people will walk in, hang out, and shop from this collection of creative expression by local artists,” he says.

A small wall at the gallery shows the variety of work on display.

The artists featured in the gallery express a multitude of themes, each telling a unique story. Visitors will find themselves captivated by watercolor and ink from Brekke Sjoblom, oil paint and ink from Laurie Lisonbee, and works in fiber by Christine Ricks. These are complemented by sculptures by Anne Gregerson and prints by Sarah Winegar, among others. The local artists the gallery showcases offer different perspectives and narratives woven into the fabric of each artwork, but more importantly showcase the vibe of Utah County’s thriving art scene.

Moonglass Gallery’s grand opening showcased creativity, community, and connection. This fusion of artistic expression and vintage charm sets this new gallery up to be a beloved destination for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Come and look, but stay a while and enjoy the warmth of this collaboration between Moonglass Antiques and Oddduck studio where art comes to life, friendships are forged, and the vibrant pulse of our local creative scene expands.

Multi-media work by Laurie Lisonbee.

Moonglass Antiques & Gallery, 1651 S. State Street, Orem, is open 11-6, Monday-Saturday.

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