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On the Spot: Ruby Chacon

Salt Lake City artist Ruby Chacon, currently showing at The Kimball Art Center's Arte Latino.

Salt Lake City artist Ruby Chacon, currently showing at The Kimball Art Center’s Arte Latino.

1)What are you reading lately?
I have been reading the biography of “Siquieros” by Phillip Stein. I read only a few pages of it a night so you can do the math and figure out that I am only half way through but have been carrying it around for several months. I love this book. I have read all about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera biographies. In comparision, I have to say that Siqueiros is not only an artist, social activist, communist/revolutionary, but he’s also a philospher. When I read about his ideas, I discover a part of myself that has always existed under the surface, then Siqueiros pulls it out of my spirit into visibility. The underlying messages that I cherish from reading the biographies of these artists are that if I am honest with who I am as an individual than that will reach to and through the universe in connection to humanity and it’s struggles. Their ideas confirm to me that my intuition is always right, that it is stronger than I give credit.

2) What hangs above your mantel?I don’t have a mantel. My paintings are all in my studio. What I have in my living space are little things, such as, family pictures, rosaries, folk art, books, chess board, candles, things I have picked up while travelling that I connect with, not to mention…a TV.

3)If you could choose any artist (living or dead) to paint or sculpt your portrait, who would it be?
I’m not sure. There are too many artists that I love. To name a few: Rodin, Rivera, Siqueiros, Kahlo, Picasso, Goya, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Michaelangelo, Alan Hauser, George Yepes, and my old professor Paul Davis. I would also love for Flor Garduno to take my photo. I would like to see how each of them interprets my image and my spirit in a way that’s unique to themselves and their creativity.

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