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Olga Hegner

I am a realistic painter, my style may be described as impressionism. My subjects vary – landscapes, still life, animals, people, or a combination of all them. I consider myself an amateur artist, not just because I did not receive a formal art education, but because I paint out of love for art, and find it impossible not to paint or draw or doodle. I am an active participant in plein air events. Painting outdoors is very inspiring, and I also think that being able to paint out with friends and meet new art lovers and collectors at these events is priceless.



Olga Hegner, “Our Favorite Barn,” oil on canvas baord, 11×14 in.


Olga Hegner, “Mountain Trails,” oil on canvas, 9×12 in.


Olga Hegner, “Daffodils And Silver,” oil on canvas board, 8×10 in.


Olga Hegner, “Late Fall Plein Air,” oil on canvas board, 8×10 in.

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