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Ogden’s Brandon Cook On the Spot




Brandon Cook is featured in a one-person show this month at Salt Lake City’s A Gallery. Pictured here on a recent trip to Seattle.

1) What are you reading lately?
Well, huh, let’s see I am reading a couple of books right now. “The American Religion (The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation)” by Harold Bloom and “The Mystical Christ” by Manly P. Hall. Also I am listening to an audio CD right now, “Washington’s Crossing” by David Hackett Fischer which is great if anybody is into U.S. history.

2) What hangs above your mantel?
Not much above the mantel, just a mirror, but opposite the mirror (reflected in) is a painting by Emily Plewe titled “Pict”, an abstract that is 48” x 48” in size.

3) What artist, living or dead, would you choose to paint, sculpt or photograph your portrait?
I really do not like the idea of somebody doing my portrait, but I would like to have sat for Alberto Giacometti. He was not concerned with transferring reality directly onto canvas and would not cover the tracks that plainly showed his process. He sought to convey his perception of reality so in turn, the living presence of the individual.

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