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A number of restaurants, cafes and even liquor stores provide a marvelous service both to artists and art lovers by using their wall space to display the talent of Utah artists. For over five years now, the Oasis Cafe has not only provided wonderful food in a unique environment, but has also served as an alternative venue for viewing Utah art. 

Original owner Steve Call began placing art on his walls almost as soon as the restaurant-cafe opened. Joel LaSalle, who recently purchased the cafe and adjoining bookstore, has continued the tradition. Oasis has had great success with the art. Manager Steve Sloan noted that many people come in specifically to see the art, and of course may stick around for a cup of coffee or a salmon sandwich. Last year, a solo exhibit by Erika Osborne at the Oasis nearly sold out. Osborne is in the current exhibit at the Oasis, a group show featuring Utah landscapes by Osborne, Royden Card, Willamarie Huelskamp, Jenni Christensen and Kendra Fehr. 

The Oasis Cafe is located in Salt Lake City at 151 South 500 East and is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This article appeared in the February 2002 edition of 15 Bytes.

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