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Nuha Moretz Interprets Utah’s Mountains in Her Studio

Nuha Moretz, “Kolob Canyons,” mixed media, 37 x 37 in.

Look at the titles of her most recent series of paintings and it’s not hard to guess where Nuha Moretz’ heart lies: “Into the Forest,” “Nature,” “Waterscapes.”¬† “I love nature and all its beauty and that is what I want to capture on a canvas,” says the Yemeni-American artist.

She says her interest in art developed while in high school in Japan. “I spent countless hours in the art lab, and took every class possible.” But her parents steered her into a more “practical” path and she pursued a M.A. in International Studies, as a Fulbright Scholar at Ohio University. “I focused on education reform and gender equity, topics that are dear to my heart.”

Nuha Moretz, courtesy the artist

For 20 years, she worked and traveled abroad: North and East Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. “Throughout my travels, I connected with local artists, took classes and collected original pieces that touched me.” She’s been in Utah for the past 5 years. After painting off and on for 35 years, she dove back into the practice during the pandemic, as a way to keep busy. “Before long, I began waking up to paint, which gave me a sense of purpose and joy.”

“I love abstract art because it allows me to paint freely. I like to use line, shape, form, colors and textures to create depth with unique layering of materials.” She’s been playing with these fundamentals to create her newest series: “Utah Mountains.” “I want to explore ideas that can be widely interpreted and have different meanings to individuals. My goal is to engage my audience with my art in a way that is freeing, and emotionally evoking.”

A recent work on the easel in Moretz’ studio, courtesy the artist

Moretz will be exhibiting her new series at Utah Film Studios in Park City, Mar. 10 – 12. You can view more of her work at her website and on Instagram.

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