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Nick and Erin Potter: Another Look

In this 15 Bytes Extra Carol Fulton takes another look at Nick and Erin Potter, one of the couples featured in the Artist Couples article in this month’s edition of 15 Bytes. The couple has work in two group shows that open this month.

Nick and Erin Potter

Nick and Erin Potter: Another Look
by Carol Fulton | photos by Christine Baczek

Picture two young adults producing prints on a folding table in the kitchen, with one pulling the prints off the press and running into the living room to lay them on the couch to dry while the other attends to the next print – all the while dodging their two-year old boy, Atlas, and a barking, excited dog. That’s what Nick and Erin Potter do at home when not at his full-time or her part-time job. In 2007 they garnered attention for the “living room” they created at the original 337 Project in Salt Lake City. They loved the experience of collaborating with people other than each other, and for the shared enthusiasm and lack of ego displayed during that endeavor. They followed that up with an installation at the Salt Lake Art Center, and have shown their work at Salt Lake’s Blonde Grizzly. This coming November they will be showing at Kayo Gallery. It’s a good thing they’re young, and married just 5 years. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to accomplish all they have in such a short time and with family responsibilities.

Nick and Erin Potter
Erin and Atlas Potter

Their philosophical approach to life helps them cope with the stressors in their world. Erin says that although they think very differently from each other, one of the things that initially drew them together was having completely similar tastes and interests. They love to read the same books and graphic novels,and go to Gallery Strolls. When they buy or trade art, they usually like the same things. Nick openly acknowledges that there can be friction and conflict, but it is resolved by reminding themselves of what they love about each other’s work. They find that collaboration is very gratifying. “It’s exciting to be able to create something with another person” says Nick. He recommends the experience for everyone, whether they’re an artist or not.

Nick and Erin Potter's color coded book shelf

Nick is currently applying to schools for a graduate degree in writing, with the hope of incorporating fiction and images in their art. Erin is looking forward to that two-year period as an opportunity to be at home full-time making art.

Erin Potter with work and child

Collaborations by Nick and Erin Potter are part of the Utah Jazz group exhibit at Blonde Grizzly that opens this work on Friday, February 18, 6-9 pm. They also have work in Kayo Gallery’s Round 7 anniversary exhibit, which opens the same night.You can follow their work at the Potter Press blog.

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