New Year’s EVE

If you didn’t make it to the opening night of Salt Lake City’s EVE last night you’ve already missed its main visual arts event — the Gallery Stroll treasure hunt, where participants visited six participating galleries to find clues to claim a free work of art.

There are still two days of EVE left, with a variety of activities, including many performing arts events from 15 Bytes sponsors. To learn more about EVE go to: http://www.eveslc.com

Joshua Luther and Ike Bushman would like to invite you to a New Year’s Eve warmup party — at their warehouse. In November the duo hosted an exhibit of installation and video work at their warehouse space on the west side of Sugarhouse (Sugarhood to some of the locals). They are following it up New Year’s Eve with a new group of work: a video installation, a installation made up primarily with ice cream, and an interactive piece. The visual art will be enhanced by experimental music produced by Dave Madden.

The reception is 6 – 9 pm on December 31st. The warehouse is at 2225 South 500 East (behind the red brick building).

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