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New Murals in the Utah State Capitol

David Koch works on the Seraph Young mural
Those of you living or working near downtown Salt Lake may have been wondering what the fireworks were all about last Friday. They were part of the celebration of the reopening of the Utah State Capitol. The fireworks followed a PRIVATE rededication ceremony and preceded a PRIVATE reception, just a little reminder of how things are really done at the Capitol. Now the building is open to the public with a variety of activities scheduled for this week.

One of those activities is a presentation by artist David Koch on Wednesday January 9th from noon to 1pm. He will be discussing the “Seraph Young” and “Engen Brothers” murals he recently completed for the House of Representatives Chambers. Seraph Young was the first woman to vote in the state of Utah and the Engen brothers were instrumental in establishing the ski industry in this state.

The murals measure about 8 feet by 10 feet and took a little over 4 months to complete. “I consider it a great honor to be chosen to create these murals.” says Koch. “I wanted them also to be about vision, planning and opportunity and hard work  in order to inspire viewers with these ideals.”

For more details on these murals, including images of Koch’s working process, visit his website.

For Radio West’s program on the Capitol’s renovation, go here.

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