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Ne Plus Ultra: An interview with Arte Haus Collectif’s Holly Addi

In Charlotte Boye-Christensen’s Ne Plus Ultra feature, the co-founder of NOW-ID highlights the creative talents of people in the local and international communities she collaborates with. In her most recent feature, she talked with Holly Addi, an artist in Salt Lake City as well as owner of Arte Haus Collectif, which hosts NOW-ID’s “meet the Artists” dinner on July 29th, following the final performance of NOW-ID’s Exodus. A five course menu is being curated by Gary Vlasic with da’Foco Food Truck, and drinks provided by Dented Brick Distillery and Squatters. You can find information about Exodus as well as the after-party here.

You’ll find the Ne Plus Ultra feature below, as well as on NOW-ID’s website.



Holly Addi (°1973, SLC, Utah, United States) makes paintings and mixed media artworks. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives,  Addi creates with daily, recognizable elements, an unprecedented situation in which the viewer is confronted with the conditioning of his own perception and has to reconsider his biased position.

She created and runs the boutique and art gallery Arte Haus Collectif in Salt Lake City together with product designer Heidi Jube. On July 29th NOW-ID together with Arte Haus will be hosting a “meet the Artists” dinner at this incredible store in Salt Lake City – come check out the amazing art and merchandise that is on display there. This is truly a jewel in Salt lake City. Learn more about Holly and Art Haus below.


Charlotte Boye-Christensen


Tell us a little bit about your background?

Since childhood I have had an affinity for all things creative.  I was very into writing, poetry, theatre, acting, design, costumes, and fashion.  When it came to the artsy side of life I always had an opinion, I think my parents kept wondering just where I had come from. As a child I remember waiting for the Sunday paper to be delivered so I could devour the ‘arts’ section.  I couldn’t wait to see the next art news, play auditions, or exhibit.   I studied psychology because i think it is fascinating.  Psychology is the backbone to the artist’s mind.  What artist do you know that truly isn’t a little bit crazy?  It’s kind of a necessity in this field.   Shortly after I graduated from the University of Utah at the age of 22 I opened a high end floral studio and boutique named ‘Artichokes & Co.’ which focused on the art & composition of arranging florals and gift design, and painted as well on weekends. Artichokes was a huge success, open for 15 years. I then took my designs national when I started a catalog company and offered these designs to the entire US.  However, the idea of big business and pumping out fast paced concepts as the creative director, but all based around “money”, I felt like my soul was being stolen.  It was at that point I decided to get back to my roots and paint full time. For me, it was a wake up call. I think it is really important as an artist to nurture your talent and not let anyone turn that light off.  Art takes digging deep.  I see so many talented individuals who are bought and sold, and don’t let their talents truly emerge.


Have you always been interested in art and design or did something/someone ignite that interest in you? 

I have always painted, and I’m captivated by good design and love working with color.  I began painting when I was in high school.  In my twenties I started painting more but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I sold my first piece.

How did your store Arte Haus Collectif come about? Tell us a little bit about your collaboration with co-owner Heidi Jube, choosing location and shaping the design and concept of the store?

Arte Haus Collectif was a merge of my love for design and great things, and a place to flagship my art.  I teamed up with Heidi Jube who has a candle line, Monokle Collection, and decided to venture in the dwell shop together and it would be a beautiful curated collection of art and objects of desire for your home to make it beautiful. Heidi sells her candles exclusively in Salt Lake at Arte Haus. Our goal is to continue curating and grow the gallery organically.  There really isn’t anywhere like Arte Haus in Salt Lake City.


How do you choose the designers/artists who you are interested in presenting and do you guys always agree?

We choose designers and artists that have the same philosophy as we do- clean aesthetic, great color compositions and formations, and full of soul.  We feel that art should be refined, but not complicated and mindful in it’s direction, but not neurotic and methodical.  Letting natural talent exude in an imperfect way is showing it’s true beauty.  We are also very price conscious.  We don’t want Arte Haus to feel as though you can’t afford it.  Art and design should be for ‘all.’  People need beauty; it enhances a way of living.

There is such a unique flavor to the store – how do you walk that line of both wanting to present local work but also work from elsewhere?

We love the integration of local, domestic, and international.  Being able to bring it all together and curate a space that feels right is perfection.  And staying true to the philosophy is imperative to us.


I love your art – there is a real minimalist sophistication to your work – can you talk about your creative process?

My works are based on life’s imperfections and how it all relates back to beauty.  Truly, life is so imperfect but there is that magical wonder how it all comes together.  The good, the bad, the evil, the weeds, the flowers, all of it.    My art style is ‘composition of perfectionism’ and how to embrace the wonder, rather than question it.  And at the end, you look at it, and see beauty through it all.

Who are some of your favorite designers and artists, who you look to for inspiration?

Linda Rodin is definitely an Inspiration and role model- she is elegant and graceful.  She defines herself, her style, and her philosophy.  That’s my model.

What city outside of SLC inspires you?

There are so many!  New York obviously but I love the way of life and aesthetic of the true Scandinavian style and smaller towns in Europe. I just love the aesthetic, my ancestors are from a little town in Italy nestled up by the Swiss Alps; maybe it’s just inherent.   In fact, we wanted Arte Haus to feel as though you had stepped inside a small quaint gallery and shop in Copenhagen, Paris, or Berlin.

What are some exciting things that are coming up for Arte Haus or yourself that you want to share?  Heidi and I both have another passion – philanthropy.  We are going to be teaming up with different foundations for 2017 and letting the art shine through these organizations and giving back. We will be hosting evenings and parties for these foundations with great hope to actually make a difference by donating a portion of the art sales!

What do you see yourself as doing and where do you want to be in 25 years?

Wow, that brings me to the ripe old age of 68!  I hope to say I will have successfully raised my daughters to each become something greater than I ever was, and I will definitely not act as though I am 68.  I think one thing that defines me as an artist is that I have a very child like approach to what I do.  As many times as I keep falling down, I seem to always get back up.


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