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Nature and Industry: Matt Devine and Terri Froelich at Julie Nester

Park City
June 26 – July 23


The contrasts of nature and industry, light and shadow, chaos and order are themes found throughout Devine’s body of work. Pared-down organic shapes are formed out of sheet and solid materials and welded together in harmonious accord, often allowing the metal to appear as light as paper. These contrasts, plus the relationships of patterns and boundaries, address Devine’s desire to contain chaos and push out the discord of an information-saturated culture. Matt’s collection includes indoor pedestal sculptures, wall sculptures and large outdoor sculptures.

“The foundation of my work is color and shape, and inspiration is found in details discovered during daily exploration locally or while traveling. I study movement caused by wind, tides, and currents. The ingredient most needed for these studies is light which is observed dancing on water, casting shadows, creating shapes, evoking moods and/or enhancing color. I extract only random details from ordinary chaotic scenes with photography. Daily observations and color studies work as a muscle memory that guide my paintings and intuition. The satisfaction comes from not only the daily discovery, but also the replication and combination of rustic details. My challenge is to reconcile diverse and sometimes conflicting experiences into a balanced piece of art that exposes strong personal meaning
Terri’s exhibition includes abstract paintings along with a new photographic series titled Bow Series. The photographs are taken at the water line of various boats which depict the often bright colors of the bows and the reflections of the environment on the water surface. Each composition consists of two separate images that are presented side-by-side. The finished work combines realism and abstraction into a wonderful, bold work of art.

Julie Nester Gallery
1280 Iron Horse Dr.
Park City, UT | 84060 US

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